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*  Copyright 2005 Alt-N Technologies, Ltd. 
*  Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); 
*  you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. 
*  You may obtain a copy of the License at 
*      http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0 
*  This code incorporates intellectual property owned by Yahoo! and licensed 
*  pursuant to the Yahoo! DomainKeys Patent License Agreement.
*  Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software 
*  distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, 
*  WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. 
*  See the License for the specific language governing permissions and 
*  limitations under the License.

#ifdef WIN32
#define DKIM_CALL
#define MAKELONG(a,b) ((long)(((unsigned)(a) & 0xffff) | (((unsigned)(b) & 0xffff) << 16)))

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {

// DKIM Body hash versions
#define DKIM_BODYHASH_ALLMAN_1      1

// DKIM hash algorithms
#define DKIM_HASH_SHA1              1
#define DKIM_HASH_SHA256            2

// DKIM canonicalization methods
#define DKIM_CANON_SIMPLE           1
#define DKIM_CANON_NOWSP            2
#define DKIM_CANON_RELAXED          3


// DKIM Error codes
#define DKIM_SUCCESS                0     // operation successful
#define DKIM_OUT_OF_MEMORY          1     // memory allocation failed
#define DKIM_INVALID_CONTEXT  2     // DKIMContext structure invalid for this operation
#define DKIM_NO_SENDER              3     // Could not find From: or Sender: header in message
#define DKIM_BAD_PRIVATE_KEY  4     // Could not parse private key
#define DKIM_BUFFER_TOO_SMALL 5     // Buffer passed in is not large enough

// DKIM Verification Error codes
#define DKIM_FAIL                                     -1          // verify error: message is suspicious
#define DKIM_BAD_SYNTAX                               -2          // signature error: DKIM-Signature could not parse or has bad tags/values
#define DKIM_SIGNATURE_BAD                            -3          // signature error: RSA verify failed
#define DKIM_SIGNATURE_BAD_BUT_TESTING          -4          // signature error: RSA verify failed but testing
#define DKIM_SIGNATURE_EXPIRED                        -5          // signature error: x= is old
#define DKIM_SELECTOR_INVALID                   -6          // signature error: selector doesn't parse or contains invalid values
#define DKIM_SELECTOR_GRANULARITY_MISMATCH      -7          // signature error: selector g= doesn't match i=
#define DKIM_SELECTOR_KEY_REVOKED               -8          // signature error: selector p= empty
#define DKIM_SELECTOR_DOMAIN_NAME_TOO_LONG      -9          // signature error: selector domain name too long to request
#define DKIM_SELECTOR_DNS_TEMP_FAILURE          -10         // signature error: temporary dns failure requesting selector
#define DKIM_SELECTOR_DNS_PERM_FAILURE          -11         // signature error: permanent dns failure requesting selector
#define DKIM_SELECTOR_PUBLIC_KEY_INVALID  -12         // signature error: selector p= value invalid or wrong format
#define DKIM_NO_SIGNATURES                            -13         // process error, no sigs
#define DKIM_NO_VALID_SIGNATURES                -14         // process error, no valid sigs
#define DKIM_BODY_HASH_MISMATCH                       -15         // sigature verify error: message body does not hash to bh value
#define DKIM_SELECTOR_ALGORITHM_MISMATCH  -16         // signature error: selector h= doesn't match signature a=
#define DKIM_STAT_INCOMPAT                            -17         // signature error: incompatible v=
#define DKIM_MAX_ERROR                                -18         // set this to 1 greater than the highest error code (but negative)

// DKIM_SUCCESS                                                   // verify result: all signatures verified
                                                                        // signature result: signature verified
#define DKIM_FINISHED_BODY                            1     // process result: no more message body is needed
#define DKIM_PARTIAL_SUCCESS                    2     // verify result: at least one but not all signatures verified
#define DKIM_NEUTRAL                                  3     // verify result: no signatures verified but message is not suspicous
#define DKIM_SUCCESS_BUT_EXTRA                        4     // signature result: signature verified but it did not include all of the body

// This function is called once for each header in the message
// return 1 to include this header in the signature and 0 to exclude.
typedef int (DKIM_CALL *DKIMHEADERCALLBACK)(const char* szHeader);

// This function is called to retrieve a TXT record from DNS
typedef int (DKIM_CALL *DKIMDNSCALLBACK)(const char* szFQDN, char* szBuffer, int nBufLen );

#ifdef _WIN32
#include <pshpack1.h>

typedef struct DKIMContext_t
      unsigned int reserved1;
      unsigned int reserved2;
      void*        reserved3;
} DKIMContext;

typedef struct DKIMSignOptions_t
      int nCanon;                                           // canonization 
      int nIncludeBodyLengthTag;                      // 0 = don't include l= tag, 1 = include l= tag
      int nIncludeTimeStamp;                          // 0 = don't include t= tag, 1 = include t= tag
      int nIncludeQueryMethod;                        // 0 = don't include q= tag, 1 = include q= tag
      char szSelector[80];                            // selector - required
      char szDomain[256];                                   // domain - optional - if empty, domain is computed from sender
      char szIdentity[256];                           // for i= tag, if empty tag will not be included in sig
      unsigned long expireTime;                       // for x= tag, if 0 tag will not be included in sig
      DKIMHEADERCALLBACK pfnHeaderCallback;     // header callback
      char szRequiredHeaders[256];              // colon-separated list of headers that must be signed
      int nHash;                                            // use one of the DKIM_HASH_xx constants here
                                                                  // even if not present in the message
      int nIncludeCopiedHeaders;                      // 0 = don't include z= tag, 1 = include z= tag
      int nIncludeBodyHash;                           // use one of the DKIM_BODYHASH_xx constants here
} DKIMSignOptions;                                          

typedef struct DKIMVerifyOptions_t
      DKIMDNSCALLBACK pfnSelectorCallback;      // selector record callback
      DKIMDNSCALLBACK pfnPracticesCallback;     // SSP record callback
      int nHonorBodyLengthTag;                        // 0 = ignore l= tag, 1 = use l= tag to limit the amount of body verified
      int nCheckPractices;                            // 0 = use default (unknown) practices, 1 = request and use sender's signing practices
      int nSubjectRequired;                           // 0 = subject is required to be signed, 1 = not required
      int nSaveCanonicalizedData;             // 0 = canonicalized data is not saved, 1 = canonicalized data is saved
} DKIMVerifyOptions;

typedef struct DKIMVerifyDetails_t
      char *szSignature;
      char *DNS;
      char *szCanonicalizedData;
      int nResult;
} DKIMVerifyDetails;

#ifdef _WIN32
#include <poppack.h>

int DKIM_CALL DKIMSignInit( DKIMContext* pSignContext, DKIMSignOptions* pOptions );
int DKIM_CALL DKIMSignProcess( DKIMContext* pSignContext, char* szBuffer, int nBufLength );
int DKIM_CALL DKIMSignGetSig( DKIMContext* pSignContext, char* szPrivKey, char* szSignature, int nSigLength );
int DKIM_CALL DKIMSignGetSig2( DKIMContext* pSignContext, char* szPrivKey, char** pszSignature );
void DKIM_CALL DKIMSignFree( DKIMContext* pSignContext );

int DKIM_CALL DKIMVerifyInit( DKIMContext* pVerifyContext, DKIMVerifyOptions* pOptions );
int DKIM_CALL DKIMVerifyProcess( DKIMContext* pVerifyContext, char* szBuffer, int nBufLength );
int DKIM_CALL DKIMVerifyResults( DKIMContext* pVerifyContext );
int DKIM_CALL DKIMVerifyGetDetails( DKIMContext* pVerifyContext, int* nSigCount, DKIMVerifyDetails** pDetails, char* szPractices );
void DKIM_CALL DKIMVerifyFree( DKIMContext* pVerifyContext );

char *DKIM_CALL DKIMVersion();

char *DKIM_CALL DKIMGetErrorString( int ErrorCode );

#ifdef __cplusplus

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